Stand For Israel

The Falcon of Malta

Canadian WWII fighter ace George Beurling was one of the first casualties in service to a newly independent Israel.

Stand For Israel

Why Don’t You Support Israel?

Former Canadian P.M. Stephen Harper — a friend of Israel and of The Fellowship — lays out several fundamental truths about the Jewish state.

Stand For Israel

Israel’s Rivlin Thanks Canada’s Trudeau for Battling Anti-Semitism, BDS

In Canada, the Israeli president thanked Justin Trudeau for standing for Israel and against her foes.

Stand For Israel

Canada’s Trudeau Blasts BDS as Anti-Semitic

The Canadian Prime Minister says that the anti-Israel movement is "unacceptable," as it targets Jewish students and demonizes the Jewish state.

Stand For Israel

Six Dead in Canadian Mosque Shooting

A terrorist shooting at a Quebec mosque has left six dead and nineteen more wounded, five critically.

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