Yael's Holy Land Reflections

Tribute to a Survivor

The Fellowship has lost a friend, Hermann Gruenwald, who survived Auschwitz and spent the rest of his life adding light to this dark world.

Stand For Israel

The Falcon of Malta

Canadian WWII fighter ace George Beurling was one of the first casualties in service to a newly independent Israel.

Stand For Israel

Why Don’t You Support Israel?

Former Canadian P.M. Stephen Harper — a friend of Israel and of The Fellowship — lays out several fundamental truths about the Jewish state.

Stand For Israel

Israel’s Rivlin Thanks Canada’s Trudeau for Battling Anti-Semitism

In Canada, the Israeli president thanked Justin Trudeau for standing for Israel and against her foes.

Stand For Israel

Canada’s Trudeau Blasts BDS as Anti-Semitic

The Canadian Prime Minister says that the anti-Israel movement is "unacceptable," as it targets Jewish students and demonizes the Jewish state.

Stand For Israel

Six Dead in Canadian Mosque Shooting

A terrorist shooting at a Quebec mosque has left six dead and nineteen more wounded, five critically.

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