Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu election ballot

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Bibi Falls Short of Majority

With Netanyahu's Likud party and the opposing party in a near tie for Knesset seats, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin will now look to one candidate to form a stable coalition government.

Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu shaking hands.

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Why Israel Should Vote For…

As Israelis take to the polls, PM Netanyahu and General Benny Gantz each make their case for leading the Jewish state.

Netanyahu evacuates rally in Ashdod, September 10, 2019

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Bibi Spirited Away from Rally Due to Gaza Rockets

A campaign event for PM Netanyahu in southern Israel was interrupted by terrorist rockets from Gaza.

PM Netanyahu with evidence of Iran nuclear program

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As Bibi Warned, Iran Covered Up Nukes

Satellite imagery has revealed that the Iranian Republic was hiding a "secret atomic warehouse," just as PM Netanyahu told the U.N. last year.

PM Netanyahu, August 27, 2019

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Bibi to Hezbollah: Calm Down, Be Careful

Amid fears of attacks and retaliation from both the Lebanese terror group and Iran, PM Netanyahu sends a message to cool tensions.

PM Netanyahu

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Bibi: Israel Preparing a Forceful Strike Against Hamas

PM Netanyahu says he is readying a "massive campaign" against the terror organization, and that Iran is "not immune" from Israeli action.

Benjamin Netanyahu in Tzofim scouts, 1957

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Photo Friday: Bibi and the Boy Scouts

As Tzofim, Israel's Boy and Girl Scouts program, celebrates its 100th anniversary, enjoy this picture from 1957 of a young Benjamin Netanyahu.

PM Netanyahu at scene of terror stabbing, August 8, 2019

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Bibi: They Want to Destroy, We Want to Build

After young Dvir Sorek was murdered by terrorists, PM Netanyahu promised that the student and soldier's killers would soon face justice.

Tel Aviv City Hall Lit Up with American Flag

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Israel Offers Condolences After Texas, Ohio Shootings

After two mass shooting attacks in the U.S. left 29 dead, PM Netanyahu sent "condolences to the bereaved families, best wishes for recovery to the injured, and solidarity with the American people."

PM Netanyahu greets olim girl and her pet, July 29, 2019

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Photo Friday: And Good Health to All That Is Yours

PM Netanyahu greets a new Israeli from a Fellowship Freedom Flight as she arrives to her biblical and historic homeland with her furry friend.

PM Netanyahu, July 2019

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Bibi: Israel Ready to Deal Terror Groups Blow Like Never Before

Remembering the Israeli soldiers lost during 2014's Operation Protective Edge, Netanyahu says Israel ready to "deliver a blow to Hamas and Islamic Jihad."

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