Stand For Israel

How the Palestinian Authority Spends Its Money

An Israeli widow whose husband was gunned down in a terror attack warns that terrorists and BDS threaten the very existence of the Jewish state.

Stand For Israel

Israel Trolls BDS

Anti-Israel internet users looking to boycott Eurovision, being held in the Holy Land this week, were surprised to land on a website showing how beautiful, diverse, and sensational Israel really is.

Stand For Israel

Canada’s Trudeau Blasts BDS as Anti-Semitic

The Canadian Prime Minister says that the anti-Israel movement is "unacceptable," as it targets Jewish students and demonizes the Jewish state.

Stand For Israel

The BDS Charade in the Churches

Dexter Van Zile of CAMERA has spent years calling attention to and speaking out against the anti-Israel movement in mainline Christian churches. Today, he takes a look at the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) efforts in the United Church of Christ.

Stand For Israel

How BDS Enables a Failed Peace Process and Vice Versa

Writing at JNS, Andrew Lappin calls out the BDS movement for being anti-Semitic, and says it's time for governments to stop putting faith in a bankrupt, failed "peace process."

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