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Swastika Shows Hamas’ True Intent

A Nazi flag flown on the Gaza border reveals the terror group's ultimate goal — the annihilation of the Jewish state.

Stand For Israel

Rescued Twice

On the 25th anniversary of a deadly anti-Semitic bombing in Argentina, remembering a precious piece of history that was saved then, as well as during the Holocaust.

Stand For Israel

How Anti-Zionists Legitimize Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias can be fought by properly labeling Israel's enemies as purveyors of hate speech.

Stand For Israel

Hamas Calls on Palestinians to ‘Slaughter Jews’

A Hamas leader in Gaza is calling on Palestinians across the globe to commit acts of violence against Jews.

Stand For Israel

Pence to Poway Rabbi: Your Faith Inspired the Nation

After this year's deadly anti-Semitic shooting at a California synagogue, Pence and his wife let the rabbi and his congregation know what they mean to America.

Stand For Israel

Lessons from Israel’s First US Ambassador

James McDonald, who served as the first American envoy to the fledgling Jewish state, understood the importance of fighting anti-Semitism.

Stand For Israel

How the Palestinian Authority Spends Its Money

An Israeli widow whose husband was gunned down in a terror attack warns that terrorists and BDS threaten the very existence of the Jewish state.

Stand For Israel

Holocaust Survivor Photos Defaced with Swastikas

An act of "anti-Semitic defilement" called "an attack on all of Austria" was carried out on a Viennese exhibit honoring those who already survived the world's worst anti-Jewish hatred.

Stand For Israel

Chicago Synagogues Targeted in Rash of Hate Crimes

After Jewish houses of worship were targeted in Chicago this weekend, authorities are beefing up security at Jewish schools, businesses, and temples in the area.

Stand For Israel

Secure Every Synagogue

In the wake of horrific violence against houses of worship, The Fellowship is looking to provide security and safety for every synagogue under threat around the world.

Stand For Israel

What Starts with Words Ends Up with Horrible Things

A 90-year-old Holocaust survivor who keeps a promise he made to his murdered father by talking about the Holocaust is shocked at today's rise in anti-Semitism.

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