Jews in Stamford Hill, London, where pregnant Jewish woman was attacked

Stand For Israel

Pregnant Jewish Woman Attacked in London

British police are investigating an anti-Semitic attack on an Orthodox Jewish woman in London captured on security camera footage.

A teachable moment between Rabbi Eckstein and Yael overlooking Jerusalem

Yael's Holy Land Reflections

A Teachable Moment

When we face anti-Semitism today, we must confront it, sometimes pushing back, at other times reaching out, and most importantly praying to our God who neither slumbers nor sleeps.

London Bus

Stand For Israel

Holocaust Survivor and Her Rabbi Son Attacked on London Bus

In the latest anti-Semitic event, an 80-year-old survivor of the Holocaust and her rabbi son were assaulted - because of their faith - on a London bus.

Anne Frank memorial defaced with anti-Semitic sticker, December 2020

Stand For Israel

Anne Frank Memorial Vandalized

A statue in Boise, Idaho, remembering the young Holocaust victim was defaced with swastikas.

Bulletholes from anti-semitic shooting

Stand For Israel

Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Up in US by 14%

American government says anti-Semitic hate crimes are at their highest level in more than a decade, and warn true number is even higher.

Police respond to terrorist shooting in Vienna, November 2, 2020

Stand For Israel

Four Dead in Vienna Terror Attack

Shooting attack by terrorist in Vienna, Austria, leaves four dead, more than a dozen wounded, and began outside of a synagogue.

Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh

Stand For Israel

Pause for Pittsburgh – Remembering Tree of Life Synagogue Two Years Later

Two years after an anti-Semitic shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue left eleven dead and six wounded, we remember all those affected.

Holly Huffnagle, Director of Combating Anti-Semitism for AJC

Stand For Israel

A Christian Leads the AJC in Fight Against Anti-Semitism

An evangelical Christian from the United States, Holly Huffnagle brings related experience as well as friendship with the Jewish people to her new position as AJC Director for Combating Anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism at Palestinian protest

Stand For Israel

Anti-Semitism on the Rise on College Campuses

Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionist hatred are connected as they creep into the halls of academia and infect the minds of the next generation.

Winona Ryder

Stand For Israel

Winona Ryder on Anti-Semitism in Hollywood

Hollywood veteran Winona Ryder has opened up about the anti-Semitism she has faced throughout her career - hatred because she is Jewish.

Swastika graffiti on Babi Yar Holocaust memorial, Ukraine

Stand For Israel

How the Holocaust Is Being Rewritten

Holocaust remembrance and education is being threatened in two anti-Semitic ways - denial and distortion.

Charles Dickens and his literary characters

Stand For Israel

Charles Dickens and the Children of God

Charles Dickens, the beloved British author, became a friend and supporter of the Jewish people.

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