Anti-Israel Bias

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The Truth About Jerusalem’s City of David

As the Palestinians try to rewrite the history of Israel's capital, the City of David continues to provide the truth of the Jewish people’s ties to the Holy City.

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High Jump Champ Attacked for Representing Israel

Arab-Israeli athlete Hanin Nasser was attacked for competing for her home country, but has received interfaith support, as well.

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Not a War Crime

The Western Wall is lawfully part of the Jewish state, and declaring it to be illegally occupied is akin to doing so to any other holy site where worshipers pray.

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Israel Trolls BDS

Anti-Israel internet users looking to boycott Eurovision, being held in the Holy Land this week, were surprised to land on a website showing how beautiful, diverse, and sensational Israel really is.

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Same Old Anti-Israel Media Bias

After the IDF responded to this weekend's barrage of terrorist rockets from Gaza, the mainstream media once again only told one side of the story.

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UN Teaches Palestinian Kids to Wage War on Israel

In schools run by the UNRWA, textbooks don't mention "Israel," but do urge violence against the "Zionist occupation."

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Trump Defends and Protects Israel

In a show of solidarity with its greatest ally, the U.S. makes clear that no international court would threaten its or Israel's military personnel.

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PA and Hamas Target Students

While the world's "pro-Palestinian" students blame Israel for Palestinian woes, Hamas and the P.A. are busy beating up their own students.

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The Failure of Palestinian Nationalism

As the popularity of the Palestinian cause continues to decline, it's apparent that Palestinian nationalism has failed.

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How Anti-Zionism Is Weaponized

A Jewish woman who lived through Soviet anti-Zionism sees frightening parallels in the anti-Semitism we're witnessing closer to home today.

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Canada’s Trudeau Blasts BDS as Anti-Semitic

The Canadian Prime Minister says that the anti-Israel movement is "unacceptable," as it targets Jewish students and demonizes the Jewish state.

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The UN, ‘The State of Palestine,’ and the Torture of Women

Even as the Palestinian Authority complains about human rights violations of terrorists held by Israel, its own forces torture innocents, including a mother of three.

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