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The Miracle of the Jewish People’s Return to Israel

Dr. David Jeremiah writes about the return of the Jewish people to Israel, a miraculous act of God that was specifically prophesied and happened exactly as it was foretold.

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Photo Friday: And Good Health to All That Is Yours

PM Netanyahu greets a new Israeli from a Fellowship Freedom Flight as she arrives to her biblical and historic homeland with her furry friend.

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Photo Friday: The Praise of Children and Infants

A Jewish child from Ukraine arrives in Israel on a Fellowship Freedom Flight.

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1/3 of All Olim Backed by Christians

A large portion of Jewish immigrants who come to their historical and biblical homeland do so with the help of Christians around the world.

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Their First Hanukkah in the Holy Land

208 new Jewish olim (immigrants) from Ukraine landed this week on a Fellowship Freedom Flight, just in time to celebrate the Festival of Lights in Israel!

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The Fellowship Brings 10,000 Jews Back to Israel

With help from Christian friends around the world, The Fellowship continues to help Jews make aliyah (immigrate) to their biblical homeland.

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The Fellowship Applauds Israel’s Aid to Venezuelan Olim

The Israeli government has increased its aid to Jewish immigrants who have fled Venezuela's violence and instability aboard Fellowship Freedom Flights.

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Ukraine Jews Come Home to Israel with IFCJ

235 Ukrainian Jews, many of them badly traumatized, made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) last week on the latest Fellowship Freedom Flight.

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147 French Jews Arrive in Israel on Fellowship Freedom Flight

Nearly 150 new olim (immigrants) made aliyah from France yesterday aboard the latest Freedom Flight made possible by The Fellowship and our faithful supporters.

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IFCJ Freedom Flights to Bring 2,000 from 15 Countries This Summer

Fellowship Freedom Flights, beginning with two from France and Ukraine this week, will be bringing 2,000 Jewish olim (immigrants) home to Israel this summer.

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