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Fishing boat of Henry and Ellen Thomsen

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Fishing Boat to Freedom

Henry and Ellen Thomsen saved Jews during the Holocaust by ferrying them to Sweden aboard a fishing boat, an act which cost Henry his life.

Natalia and Inka, mother who saved baby during Holocaust

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‘With God’s Help We Will Take Care of Her’

Not until she was 57 did Sabina learn her true story - she had been a Jewish baby named Inka hidden from the Nazis by a Christian family.

Social worker Gertrud Luckner, Rigteous Gentile

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A Social Worker’s Holy Holocaust Work

A Christian social worker who saved Jews and fought Nazism during WWII, Gertrud Luckner bridges between Christians and Jews as the war ended.

Jan Zabinski with lion at Warsaw Zoo

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The Warsaw Zoo to the Rescue

Jan and Antonina Zabinski used their positions at the Warsaw Zoo to save Polish Jews during the Holocaust.

Jews escape Nazis in Przemysl, Poland, where Dr. Albert Battel helped Jews to be deported

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Dr. Albert Battel – A Righteous Gentile from Germany

Dr. Albert Battel was a German attorney and army officer who resisted the Nazi plans to liquidate the Jewish ghetto in Przemysl, Poland, during the Holocaust.

Princess Alice, Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark

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A Princess with a Deep Religious Faith

Princess Alice, mother-in-law of Queen Elizabeth, not only overcame being deaf and suffering from schizophrenia, but saved Greek Jews from the Nazis.

Joop Westerweel Forest Memorial in Israel

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A Christian Schoolteacher and Holocaust Hero

Johan “Joop” Westerweel was a Dutch schoolteacher who became a leader in the Dutch resistance against the Nazis during World War II, and who was killed for saving Jewish children from the Holocaust.

Nanny Sandra Samuel with PM Netanyahu

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The Christian Nanny Who Saved a Jewish Child from Terror

Sandra Samuel is a Christian nanny from India who saved the life of a young Jewish boy during the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

Dr. Tina Strobos (left)

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Dr. Tina Strobos – I Believe in Heroism

Dr. Tina Strobos was a Dutch physician who was named a Righteous Gentile for her heroic work during the Holocaust.

Elisabeth Abegg and her students

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A Righteous Christian Schoolteacher

A German Christian and schoolteacher, Elisabeth Abegg joined the Resistance against the Nazis and rescued at least 80 Jews from certain death.

Old photo of Holocaust victim Father Jacques de Jesus, sitting and smiling in tattered priest robes

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‘An Example Worth Far More Than All the Teaching I Could Give’

Father Jacques was a French priest and teacher who used his school to shelter Jews from the Nazis, and who ultimately paid the ultimate price.

Entrance to Auschwitz, where Lorenzo Perrone saved Primo Levi

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Righteous Bricklayer at Auschwitz-Birkenau

An Italian bricklayer forced to work at Auschwitz, Lorenzo Perrone saved the life of Primo Levi, the Jewish chemist, writer, and Holocaust survivor.

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