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Tadeusz Pankiewicz, pharmacist in Krakow Ghetto, 1941

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The Pharmacist of the Krakow Ghetto

Tadeusz Pankiewicz was named Righteous Among the Nations for his work as the pharmacist in Krakow's Ghetto who helped save Jews during the Holocaust.

Hermann Graebe, who saved Jews and whose testimony was heard at Nuremberg trials

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Testimony of the Holocaust from a Righteous Gentile

A German engineer who was witness to atrocities during the Holocaust, Hermann Graebe saved Jewish lives and his testimony helped bring Nazis to justice.

Olga Chirun, orphan from Belarus who saved Jews during Holocaust

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An Orphan and Holocaust Hero

An orphan from a poor farming family in Belarus, this teenager risked her life to save Jews from the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Bronislava Kristopaviciene, who saved Jewish child from Kovno Ghetto

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Out of the Ghetto: Saving a Jewish Child from the Nazis

Bronislava Kristopaviciene was a nurse who sheltered and saved a small Jewish girl, daughter to Zinaida Levina, who was to be murdered during the Holocaust.

Jews escape from Nazi-occupied Denmark to Sweden

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A Miracle Tip-Off Saves Jewish Grandparents

Writing at the BBC, the grandson of Danish Jews tells how his grandparents escaped being rounded up and murdered by the Nazi regime.

Jan Karski monument

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Jan Karski – The Messenger of a Holocaust Resistance

Jan Karski was a member of the Polish Resistance during World War II whose reports on the Warsaw Ghetto and other Nazi atrocities brought news of the Holocaust to the world.

Germaine Ribiere

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The Christian Student Who Outsmarted the Nazis

Germaine Ribiere was a Christian student in France during WWII who did all she could, including disguising herself as a cleaning lady in a Nazi-occupied building, to save her Jewish neighbors.

Roddie Edmonds

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Roddie Edmonds: American POW and Righteous Gentile

An American soldier taken prisoner by the Nazis during WWII, Roddie Edmonds saved the lives of 200 fellow American POWs who were Jewish.

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They Called Her Grandma

The story of a Ukrainian Christian who took in a sick Jewish woman, who her children called "Grandma," and sheltered her from the Nazis despite the danger it posed to her own family.

Jews in Warsaw Ghetto, 1940

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Letters from the Warsaw Ghetto: The Fate of Tens of Thousands of People

Hans Stockmar, a Christian candle-maker, sent letters and aid to his Jewish friend, a beekeeper named Josef Gelbart, until Gelbart was sent to the Warsaw Ghetto.

Caecilia Loots at Yad Vashem, 1979

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‘Tante Ciel’ – A Schoolteacher and a Righteous Gentile

Caecilia Loots was a Dutch schoolteacher who sheltered and saved Jewish children during World War II.

Dr. Clara Ambrus and her husband Julian

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Dr. Clara Ambrus – A Lifetime of Saving Lives

While a young medical student in Budapest during World War II, Dr. Clara Ambrus saved the lives of many Jews.

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