The Gift of Fellowship

We are grateful for the holy friendship and compassion towards vulnerable and lonely elderly like Rina. Watch her sorrow turn to joy in this video and see how your impact lets her know she’s not forgotten and alone for the holidays.

Rina is an elderly Jewish woman living in Israel. She once had a family, and fondly remembers happier times filled with love and laughter. But that was a long time ago.

For years Rina has lived alone in a small apartment, her family just a distant memory. She is now blind in one eye and struggles with everyday tasks, like making a simple cup of tea.

But the worst part is the silence. It echoes around her, hour after hour, day after day, reminding her of everything she has lost.

Rina is alone for the holidays and on Shabbat, days the Jewish people are meant to celebrate with loved ones.

Except when IFCJ friends like you visit her.

Not physically there with Rina — but with her in spirit, letting her know she’s not forgotten. Your gift can allow you to be with her in a very real and tangible way. A lifesaving way. A way that warms our heart and makes us so grateful for your lovingkindness.

Watch and see how God is using Fellowship friends like you as His hands and feet. We hope it will brighten your day, just like it did ours.

Your prayers and sacrificial gifts to vulnerable Jewish people like Rina fulfill much more than just their physical needs. Your support provides the priceless gifts of fellowship, companionship, and compassion. We are spreading the love of God on your behalf to precious souls suffering from deep loneliness.

May God bless you for every blessing you share with His people.

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