Faith and Hope for a Family

The Fellowship  |  October 5, 2021

Alina and Vladislav, children in Ukraine have food and faith thanks to The Fellowship
(Photo: FJC/Victor Adjamsky)

Life has always been hard for 10-year-old Alina and her 6-year-old brother Vladislav, and faith and hope have often been hard to come by. They once lived in a small dirty apartment in eastern Ukraine, an area mired in war and poverty.

But after their father lost his job and their mother’s meager wages working in a cafeteria couldn’t make ends meet, the Jewish family ended up in a more rural setting.

The family grew vegetables and raised chickens, and life was better. Then the children’s mother lost her job during the pandemic. In desperation, the family sold half their chickens. Their only income was what they made from selling the few precious eggs left.

But then The Fellowship learned of the hardships that Alina, Vladislav, and their family were facing, and began providing food, basic hygiene products, and even transportation to a local Jewish school, where the children connect with their faith.

And faith and hope are what The Fellowship’s faithful friends have given this family. The children’s mother has found a new job at the local supermarket, and enjoys hearing the Bible stories and traditions her children share with her. She tearfully told a Fellowship volunteer, “The Fellowship saved our family. There is no other way to put it. We are doing so much better today because of The Fellowship. Thank you so much.”

With The Fellowship, you can provide faith, hope, and love for the neediest of God’s children.