Peaceful Sleep for God’s Children

The Fellowship  |  October 26, 2021

Jewish children receive new bed to sleep in
(Photo: World ORT)

“In peace I will lie down in sleep,
    for you alone, LORD,
    make me dwell in safety.”
(Psalm 4:8)

When King David wrote the fourth psalm, he sang a plea to God for rest and solace “from my distress” (v.1). And our loving God granted his servant his request.

Joseph (11) and Nicole (5) are two children of God in Ukraine who knew no such solace or rest — until Fellowship friends like you stepped in.

Raising the children alone, their mother Maria struggles to feed them on a minimum wage job at a clothing store in Kiev, working when she can just to keep a roof over their heads.

After paying rent on the Jewish family’s small two-room apartment, there is little left over for food or other necessities. When we first met the family, Joseph and Nicole slept on an old broken sofa.

But now, with help from The Fellowship, Joseph and Nicole receive food to eat, transportation to the local Jewish school and free lunches there each day… and a brand new bunk bed.

“Thanks to you,” says Maria, “my children’s dream came true—they got a new bed, and a healthy sleep at last!”

Yes, thanks to Fellowship friends, these children of God can finally “in peace… lie down in sleep.”

With The Fellowship, you can provide hope and solace to Jewish children like Joseph and Nicole.

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