A Border Town Under Fire

The Fellowship  |  May 12, 2021

Sderot, on border with Gaza

Outside Nir’s living room in Sderot, Israel, thunder roars. To some, it might just sound like a storm. But residents of this town on Israel’s border with Gaza think differently.

“Did you hear that?” Nir shouts. “This is exactly how a rocket explosion sounds!”

And Nir should know. He lives just half a mile from the border. When attacks happen, he can see the rockets from his window. And when attacks happen, Nir must make it down two floors to the safety of his apartment building’s bomb shelter.

This is hard for Nir, who suffers from cerebral palsy. But this is life for this strong Israeli who has lived under fire his entire life.

Nir remembers meeting Fellowship founder Rabbi Eckstein many years ago. “I met the Rabbi when he came to Sderot to provide every single kid in town with an opportunity to enroll in after-school activities,” Nir says.

And he is grateful that The Fellowship’s faithful friends have never stopped helping him or the people of this special town in the Holy Land, with bomb shelters, with provisions for first responders, and with emergency aid when terror strikes. “The assistance of The Fellowship gives me comfort and helps me sustain my courage.”

Your gift today can help provide emergency essentials, security, and desperate needs like food and medicine for vulnerable Jews and displaced Israelis with nowhere to turn.