Winning Against Iran…For Now

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This weekend, Israel carried out a preemptive strike on Iranian terrorists forces that were readying a horrific attack on Israeli territory and Israeli citizens. Writing at JNS, Dr. Eyal Zisser calls the strike a military and intelligence success that sends the Islamic Republic the clear message that Israel will always uncover its terrorist plots:

Israel managed to thwart a terrorist attack by Iran’s Quds Force on Saturday night.

The foiled attack, which was likely to have taken place well within Israeli territory by means of drones, was probably designed to serve as retaliation for alleged Israeli strikes on Iranian assets in Syria and Iraq of late.

It appears that Israel’s success in denying Iran a permanent military presence in Syria, and its successful efforts to target Iran and its allies across the region, have enraged the IRGC, leading it to take the unusual step of launching the (foiled) terrorist attack.

It seems Quds Force commander Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani was so certain the attack would be successful that he apparently leaked his plans to an Iranian newspaper Kayhan.

The paper warned last week that Israel would wake up one day and discover that its population centers had been attacked by Iranian drones. As it turned out, it was Iran that woke up to discover its plans had been thwarted.

The Israeli strike on Iranian terrorists near Damascus was a great military and intelligence success, and sends the message to Iran that its plots will be discovered and thwarted by Israel…

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