US Threatens to Replace UNHRC over Anti-Israel Stance

US Threatens to Replace UNHRC over Anti-Israel Stance

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The United Nations Human Rights Council, unsurprisingly, has continued its anti-Israel bias. But now, The Jerusalem Post’s Tovah Lazaroff reports, the United States has threatened to replace the U.N. body unless it changes its biased ways and reforms:

The United States has threatened to replace the United Nations Human Rights Council with an alternative group of nations, unless the 47-member body halted its anti-Israel bias and underwent a series of reforms.

“We are either going to reform this thing and make it reflect what it should be reflecting or we will withdraw our support for it,” US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Wednesday in Washington.

Should the US pull out of the UNHRC it would “find other means that we can approach human rights issues on a multi-lateral basis with partners who see it the same way we do,” Tillerson told the House Foreign Affairs Committee…

“We are looking at those one by one by one and really asking ourselves what is the cost benefit here.  In some areas we are either going to reform those or we are going to withdraw from them,” Tillerson said.

“We are taking a very close look at what do we, the American people, get in return for this investment or this funding that we provide,” Tillerson said.

“That is not a threat, but as a tool to use so they understand, this time this is a serious conversation. We need to get to a serious conclusion.

“If you do not want to change, if you do not want to reform, that is fine, let us know and we will try a different approach.

“The UNHRC is one that we are currently engaged in. [US] Ambassador [to the UN Nikki] Haley is directly engaged in,” Tillerson said…

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