Rabbi Eckstein Condemns Church Attacks

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Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein condemned yesterday’s massacre at the Coptic Church in Tanta, Egypt: “This is a horrible and inhumane act against an innocent minority population that was attending the Palm Sunday prayers. This event is similar to the seder night massacre at the Park Hotel that took place exactly 15 years ago. Christians throughout the Middle East have been slaughtered and persecuted in recent years and no people or countries are working to protect them and their heritage. The Western world and the moderate Arab regimes must act decisively on behalf of Christians in the Middle East who are easy prey for radical Islam. The Fellowship works in Israel to strengthen the Christian minority, which is flourishing under the Israeli government. This is in absolute contrast to the situation of their Christian brothers in Arab countries. The Fellowship will do everything in its power to extend assistance beyond the borders of Israel and to provide assistance to every minority persecuted due to their religion. We have done this for the sake of Druze refugees who fled Syria and we will also do this for our Christian brethren as needed. The state of Israel enjoys the support of millions of Christian supporters of Israel around the world. Today they are the main counterweight to the BDS movement. It is important that we, too, respond to this support with practical and moral actions for those who need us.”

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