Photo Friday: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Our Common Struggle

Photo Friday: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Our Common Struggle


In Jerusalem, one will spot the street sign above, showing Israel’s great reverence for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

And in Dr. King, the Jewish people always had a faithful friend. In 1958, a full decade before he would be assassinated, King made the following remarks in a speech given to the American Jewish Congress:

My people were brought to America in chains. Your people were driven here to escape the chains fashioned for them in Europe. Our unity is born of our common struggle for centuries, not only to rid ourselves of bondage, but to make oppression of any people by others an impossibility.

And here you can find one of Rabbi Eckstein’s final messages for you, about Martin Luther King and shared less than a month before his passing. Shabbat shalom, friends.

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