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Cave in Judean desert, site of discovered biblical texts

Stand For Israel

2,000-Year-Old Biblical Text Found in Israel

The Israel Antiquities Authority has made an astounding finding in the Judean desert - the first of its kind since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Willow Peak in Sinai, mountain believed to be biblical Mt. Horeb

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: You Will Worship God on This Mountain

In Christian tradition, Willow Peak in the Sinai is the mountain believed to be Mt. Horeb, where Moses encountered God through the Burning Bush.

Dr. Saul Adler, Israeli parasitologist and expert on disease

Stand For Israel

Dr. Adler’s Disease Expertise

Dr. Saul Adler not only studied disease - malaria and leishmaniasis - he led Israel in parasitology and helped domesticate the Syrian hamster.

Morning sunrise over Sea of Galilee

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: Morning by Morning

A morning in the Holy Land finds the sun rising over the Sea of Galilee.

Bracha Zefira

Stand For Israel

Bracha Zefira – Creating an Israeli Style of Music

A native Jerusalemite, Bracha Zefira pioneered Israeli music during Ottoman rule, the British mandate, and the early days of the Jewish state.

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