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Netanyahu Now Israel’s Longest-Serving Prime Minister

Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu became the country's longest continuously serving Prime Minister.

Stand For Israel

Bibi on Rare Papyrus Find: UNESCO Received Open Letter from the Past

Following the discovery of ancient document mentioning Jerusalem, PM Netanyahu noted its bond to the Jewish people's history.

Stand For Israel

The Long, Twisted Shadow Cast by Nazi Medical Experiments

A look at the experimentation and torture performed on concentration camp inmates by the Nazis in the name of medical research.

Stand For Israel

An Archaeology Lesson for UNESCO

An Israeli archaeologist provides historical and biblical proof of the Temple Mount being an important Jewish site.

Stand For Israel

A Rare Glimpse of Yoni Netanyahu’s Valor

Israel has released declassified recordings of a heroic rescue operation carried out by PM Netanyahu's brother during the Yom Kippur

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