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New Hamas Propaganda Video Threatens Israel

In the wake of rocket attacks from Gaza and an IDF response, Hamas has uploaded a new propaganda video threatening to strike Israel.

Stand For Israel

White House Weighs Naming Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a Terrorist Group

American officials are working on a proposal that would classify Iran's most powerful security organization as a terror group.

Stand For Israel

A Different Sort of Ban

Many Muslim nations still impose a ban on those with Israeli passports or visas, preventing Israelis from entering their countries, in a hypocritical display of exclusion.

Stand For Israel

Elite Hamas Fighters Defecting to ISIS

The Gaza-based terror group continues its cooperation with the Islamic State, including smuggling and the sharing of terrorists.

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: He Causes Me to Stand on the Heights

Soldiers in the IDF's Lotar Monkey Unit specialize in climbing.

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