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Bibi: Israel to Treat Aleppo Wounded

PM Netanyahu says that the Jewish state is ready to take in and care for women, children, and all non-combatants from Syria, just as Israel has done with thousands of other Syrian citizens.

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Trump Names Advisor David Friedman as U.S. Ambassador to Israel

President-elect Donald Trump has named David Friedman as the American Ambassador to Israel. Friedman, lawyer and advisor to Trump, is pro-Israel and supports settlements and other changes to the current U.S. policy.

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Terrorists Target Churches Across Middle East

Christian churches in Egypt and Nigeria were victims of tragedy last weekend.

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The State of Israeli Poor

A new survey by The Fellowship looks at the struggles and concerns faced by Israel's impoverished.

Stand For Israel

A New Strategy for Israeli Victory

Dr. Daniel Pipes suggests a new path to peace for Israel, one that not only focuses on the Jewish state's history and toughness, but would inspire greater American support.

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