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Talks Underway for Trump’s First Israel Visit

Donald Trump's European trip in May is being expanded to include a visit to Jerusalem during the Holy City's 50th reunification celebrations.

Stand For Israel

Five Recent ‘Miracles’ Leading Up to Israel’s 69th Birthday

Writing at JNS, our friend Jacob Kamaras discusses some of Israel's miraculous events which have occurred as of late.

Stand For Israel

Holocaust Victims, Suffering Each Day

Writing at The New York Daily News, Yael Eckstein says that it is not only time to honor those lost during the Holocaust, but to help those who survived and who still live in poverty and isolation.

Stand For Israel

IDF Soldier Stabbed at West Bank Checkpoint

A female IDF soldier was stabbed and wounded by a female Palestinian terrorist at a checkpoint in the West Bank this morning.

Stand For Israel

Bibi at Holocaust Memorial: The Strong Survive

Speaking at Israel's ceremony to mark the beginning of Holocaust Remembrance Day, PM Netanyahu blasted world apathy to atrocities, while praising Jewish strength and resilience.

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