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An Archaeology Lesson for UNESCO

An Israeli archaeologist provides historical and biblical proof of the Temple Mount being an important Jewish site.

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A Rare Glimpse of Yoni Netanyahu’s Valor

Israel has released declassified recordings of a heroic rescue operation carried out by PM Netanyahu's brother during the Yom Kippur

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Rabbi Eckstein Named to Jerusalem Post’s 50 Most Influential Jews

Because of the social assistance The Fellowship provides Israel and Jewish people around the world, as well as the bridges it builds between Christians and Jews, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein has been named the 23rd most influential Jew by The Jerusalem Post.

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The Fellowship to Bring Gospel Singer, Black Church Delegation to Israel

An African-American church group and a celebrated gospel singer will visit the Holy Land on a Fellowship-hosted bridge-building trip.

Stand For Israel

What’s Hebrew for ˜When in the Course of Human Events’?

Of the many things shared by the United States and Israel, drafts of the two allies' founding documents have much in common.

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