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Hamas Terror Tunnel Uncovered Under Gaza School

A United Nations agency has discovered yet another tunnel dug by Hamas and meant for terrorist purposes - this one underneath a school in Gaza.

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In Jewish Hands

Around the world, people were moved when the West Bank again came under Jewish control during the Six-Day War. But while Egypt and Jordan had been defeated, Israel still faced threats from Syria to the north.

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Israelis Mark 50th Anniversary of Six-Day War

This week marks the fiftieth anniversary of Israel's shocking and decisive victory in the Six-Day War of 1967, in which the Jewish state defeated Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, while retaking the West Bank and the Old City of Jerusalem.

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Arson in Kosher Restaurant in Manchester

British police are investigating a case of arson at a kosher restaurant in Manchester, England. Thankfully, there have been no injuries reported, but we continue to stand in solidarity with Manchester, especially in light of recent events.

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Six Things You Didn’t Know About the Six-Day War

Fifty years later, some aspects of the historic war Israel fought and won have faded into memory.

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