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Like Father, Like Son: Little Bin Laden Calls for Killing of Jews

The son of dead terrorist, al-Qaeda leader, and 9/11 planner has praised attacks against Israel and called upon jihadists to "find Jews everywhere and kill them."

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A Lone Soldier’s Journey from Iran to the IDF

The story of a young Iranian man who left behind his family to take a one-way trip to the Holy Land, so that he could serve Israel.

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Israel Blasts Jordan for Supporting Jerusalem Terrorist

Israel has objected to Jordanian claims that the killing of a terrorist who stabbed a police officer was a "heinous crime," while the terrorist himself is seen as a "martyr."

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Bibi: Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem Will Advance Peace

With the United States' decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel's eternal capital now up in the air, PM Netanyahu says that the move will not adversely affect the peace process, but instead make peace more attainable.

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Police Officer Stabbed in Old City Terror Attack

An Israeli police officer was stabbed in Jerusalem's Old City, and the terrorist attacker was shot and neutralized.

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