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How Israel Went Nuclear

In an excerpt from the posthumous autobiography from Israeli Prime Minister and President Shimon Peres, the man who created Israel's nuclear deterrent program tells how it was built.

Stand For Israel

Hailed as Heroes, Terror Victims Buried

Family and friends mourned the Israeli policeman and guards who were murdered by a terrorist gunman outside Jerusalem.

Stand For Israel

Nuclear Deal’s Rotten Fruit

Iran's latest ballistic missile test is one of the prices Israel is paying for the failed nuclear agreement.

Stand For Israel

IDF Vets Evacuate Mexico City Kids

Ex-IDF soldiers volunteering in Mexico City were able to help children evacuate when the most recent earthquake hit the country.

Stand For Israel

Netanyahu, Trump Meet Ahead of U.N. Speeches

Prior to addressing the U.N. General Assembly Tuesday, President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met to address issues of mutual concern. Topping the agenda was the Iran nuclear deal.

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