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Israel Strikes Hamas in Response to Border Fire

IDF tanks destroyed a Hamas terrorist target after shots were fired at Israeli forces on the Gaza border.

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Israel Unveils Remembrance Hall for Fallen Soldiers

Ahead of Israel's Memorial Day, Yom HaZikaron, which will be observed on Monday, the Israeli Defense Ministry has unveiled a memorial commemorating each of the 23,000 soldiers killed defending the Jewish state.

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Remembering a Lost Soldier and a Lost Father

PM Netanyahu and his wife hosted a group of children who had lost a parent during one of Israel's wars, and shared in the memories of one small boy's beloved father.

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In Israel, Trump Will Announce Embassy Move

An American congressman has confirmed that Donald Trump's visit to Israel - coinciding with Jerusalem Day - will include the announcement that the U.S. embassy will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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Until the Last Step

In the fourth Holocaust documentary by Israeli filmmaker Boris Maftsir, we learn of the horrors the Nazis perpetrated in Belarus during World War II, as well as the heroic resistance that was shown.

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