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Terror Victim Stabilized, But Battle for Life Continues

As the victim of a terror attack keeps fighting to stay alive, Israeli authorities have cracked down on the terrorist's community.

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Over 1,000 Jews Visit Temple Mount for Tisha B’Av

A record number of Jewish people visited the Old City's holy site for the fast commemorating the destruction of the Temples that once stood there.

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IDF Counter-Terrorism Branch Readies Israel for Next War

An elite unit of the Israeli military battles terror and prepares for future conflicts by staying up-to-date and taking part in operations on the ground.

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Violence at the Temple Mount as Muslims Return to Holy Site

Thousands of Muslim worshipers returned to the Temple Mount Thursday, with violent clashes erupting at the holy site. Earlier, Muslim leaders had called for a boycott of the Temple Mount in protest of metal detectors installed by Israelis.

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Photo Friday: Shoes on the Danube Bank

During their recent trip to Budapest, PM Netanyahu and his wife Sara visited the Shoes on the Danube Bank Holocaust memorial.

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