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From Prison to Jihad

Writing in the Algemeiner, Patrick Dunleavy traces the path taken by far too many terrorists.

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Photo Friday: My Darling

An elderly couple walks along Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard, hand-in-hand.

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Pakistan Allows Man to Register as Country’s First Jew in Decades

The Times of Israel reports on the efforts of one Pakistani citizen, Fischel Benkhald, to finally register as Jewish, something he feared to do because of possible backlash from his Muslim neighbors.

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Israel Prepares for Possible War with Hezbollah

In a mock setting built to resemble a typical Lebanese village, the IDF is training for the next round of war with Hezbollah terrorists.

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Support for Israel is Vital to War on Terror

Gabriel Rosenberg writes that understanding the nature of Islamist terrorism is vital to defeating it – a fact Israel knows already.

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