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Former IDF Soldier Saves Houston Couple in Hurricane Aftermath

After massive flooding hit the Houston area in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a former IDF soldier now living in Houston rescued a couple from their flooded home.

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Israeli Saves Houston Couple from Hurricane Harvey

An Israeli living in Houston's IDF mentality pressed him to keep searching and save his neighbors.

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Photo Friday: Lion of the Valley

A member of the IDF's Lion of the Valley infantry battalion takes a moment for solemn prayer.

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88 Years Since Hebron Massacre

Nearly nine decades ago, an Arab mob murdered 67 Jews in Hebron's Jewish Quarter after being incited to violence by Jerusalem's Mufti.

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Israel Works to Bolster Fighter Jet Arsenal Amid Iran Nuke Fears

As Iran threatens to violate the 2015 nuclear deal, Israel prepares to defend herself with aircraft that can operate deep inside enemy territory.

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