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IDF Soldiers Spread Light All Year Round

These Israeli warriors don't just protect the Jewish state's most vulnerable, they volunteer their time to brighten their lives, too.

Stand For Israel

IDF Strikes Hamas After Rocket Hits Israeli Town

Israeli airstrike targeted a terrorist training camp after a rocket from Gaza struck a community in southern Israel.

Stand For Israel

US Vetoes UN Call for Withdrawal of Jerusalem Decision

The United States was the only nation to stand for Israel as 14 other members of the U.N. Security Council called for the withdrawal of the recent American declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Stand For Israel

US: Israel Not at Heart of Middle East Turmoil

In a speech on America's national security strategy, Donald Trump asserted that Israel is not the cause of problems in the Middle East, while blaming Iran and jihadists for the region's turmoil.

Stand For Israel

Suicide Bomber Stabs IDF Soldier, Is Shot

A Palestinian terrorist wearing a suicide bomb belt wounded an Israeli Border Police officer in a stabbing attack in the West Bank today during the second weekly "Day of Rage."

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