Israeli Twins Get Their Air Force Wings

Israeli Twins Get Their Air Force Wings

For those of us who stand for Israel, it’s always heartwarming to hear stories of those who stand on Israel’s front lines — by land or sea or air. It is in the air, The Algemeiner tells us, that two Israeli brothers — identical twins who’ve been inseparable since being born on a kibbutz — will together defend their people, Israel:

After going through kindergarten to high school together, they both applied to the Israeli Air Force’s flight course. A. graduated six months ago and I. got his wings last week.

The twins’ father, Gabi, told Mako that “the first time was a surprise” but “then expectations rose, and when the second [twin] did it, it was even more joyous, more emotional, and more special.”

A. related that he and his brother sat “side by side” during courses and “we tried to encourage each other.”

“It was a stressful atmosphere,” he said of their training, “and this little light made it much more fun.”

“There is a little competition,” A. admitted, “that you want to be the one to succeed and not be the one who doesn’t succeed, but many times it really pushed us forward.”

The twins’ mother, Hadas, said, “After you could finally relax that one passed, immediately you need to go on to the next loop, there is no time to be discouraged…”

Hadas noted, however, that now she and her husband will have to worry about their sons’ safety.

“Despite all the fun and the ‘high’ we are in now, we also know that the moment after we start a completely different kind of life and it’s very worrying,” she said…

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