Israeli Hospitals Offer to Take in Beirut Wounded

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Israel has a long history of helping others, even providing aid and care to those who seek to harm her. In the wake of the blast that rocked Beirut, Lebanon, yesterday, the Jewish state again reached out with compassion. With many Lebanese hospitals overwhelmed or damaged, The Times of Israel reports, their Israeli counterparts have offered to take in the thousands of wounded in Beirut:

Ziv Medical Center in the northern town of Safed and Rambam Medical Center in Haifa both said they would take in injured.

We are “experienced and prepared,” Ziv said. Both northern hospitals have extensive experience treating patients from hostile countries and were involved in treating Syrians wounded in the civil war. Ziv has treated more than 5,000 Syrian patients since 2013, keeping their identities confidential.

Sheba Medical Center outside Tel Aviv also offered aid.

“We have offered any medical assistance needed to the injured in the Lebanon explosion disaster,” hospital director Yitshak Kreiss told Army Radio. “We are obligated to help anyone who needs assistance, especially our neighbors. We are ready and prepared for any mission we will be given.”

Sheba routinely treats Palestinian patients and has run training courses for Palestinian nurses from the West Bank and Gaza…

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