Bibi and Yael Greet New Olim

Bibi and Yael Greet New Olim

Credit:Noam Moskowitz

Today, the newest members of the Jewish state landed at Ben Gurion Airport where they were welcomed to their biblical and historic home by two faces familiar to those of us who stand for Israel. Arutz Sheva’s Mordechai Sones reports on the tarmac greeting given to 121 new olim (immigrants) by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Fellowship President Yael Eckstein:

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu welcomed 121 new olim (immigrants) from Ukraine this morning at a special reception ceremony held at the foot of their plane. The olim, who arrived on a special flight organized by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (Keren L’Yedidut), appeared to be filled with excitement at the welcoming ceremony prepared for them, which also included the participation and attendance of Absorption Minister Yoav Gallant and president of The Fellowship, Yael Eckstein.

Netanyahu, who ascended the plane and took time to shake hands and speak with the new olim at the ceremony, said: “I’m especially pleased to see the children who moved to Israel today. These children have a wonderful future here in Israel. Here is your home, and here is your place. I invite you to share with me any details about your absorption process, and if you have any problems, I am here at your service.”

Asked about what he had to say about The Fellowship, Netanyahu said: “I think this is great. I think bringing the Jewish People to the Jewish State is a great mitzvah and anybody who does that is doing a great thing for the Jewish future. Thank you.”

“It is a great honor today for us to host Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Absorption Minister Yoav Gallant, both of whom are welcoming with us 120 new olim out of the 308 who are expected to land today from Ukraine alone,” said Yael Eckstein…

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