5 Christian Martyrs of the Holocaust

5 Christian Martyrs of the Holocaust


Near the end of this month, the world will observe International Holocaust Remembrance Day. But throughout January, The Fellowship will be focusing on our annual Winter Warmth program, providing necessities to elderly Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union and elsewhere who are vulnerable to the brutal winter weather because of their age and their poverty.

Each Tuesday in January, we will look at a group of Righteous Gentiles who did what they could to save Jewish lives during the Holocaust. This week’s group of heroes features those who gave all they had, including their lives. Learn more about each of these Christians who paid the ultimate price to stand for their Jewish brothers and sisters.

On the Way to Heaven

Jane Haining

Jane Haining was a Scottish missionary who cared for Jewish children in the Auschwitz concentration camp where they were all held…and where she was eventually murdered by the Nazis.


Pastor, Playwright, Martyr

Statue of Pastor Playwright Martyr who was one of many Righteous Gentiles

Kaj Munk not only pastored a church in Denmark, but was beloved because of the plays he wrote. And to this day, he is beloved for standing up to the Nazis, a stand that cost him his life.


The Angel of Dachau

Father Engelmar Unzeitig was arrested by the Nazis for defending the Jews they were persecuting. He continued to defend his Jewish brothers and sisters in the concentration camp where he would die.


Perpetually Driven to Help the Needy

Anne-Marie Epaud was a French Gentile who was arrested for defying the Nazis, and at Auschwitz was executed for — as the Bible instructs us to do — giving water to the thirsty.


A Schoolteacher’s Sacrifice

Johan Benders is the last of today’s featured Righteous Gentiles. He not only provided Dutch Jews with false identification and food rations, but with lifesaving shelter, as well. And for that, he was tortured and ultimately lost his life.


Learn more and explore other stories and resources about Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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