‘Warning to Israel’ – Hamas Launches Missiles Toward Sea

Stand for Israel  |  August 10, 2020

This picture taken on August 10, 2020 from Gaza City shows a view of smoke trails from test rockets fired by the Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement which currently controls the Gaza Strip, as part of military drills. - The rockets were a "message" to Israel to let it know that armed groups in Gaza will not "remain silent" in the face of an Israeli blockade and "aggression", a source close to Hamas said. At least eight rockets were seen in the sky, heading toward the Mediterranean Sea, said AFP journalists in the coastal strip, which has been under Israeli blockade for more than a decade. The launches came after repeated exchanges of fire with Israel in recent days, Palestinian security sources and eyewitnesses said. (Photo by Mohammed ABED / AFP) (Photo by MOHAMMED ABED/AFP via Getty Images)

The recent relative calm along Israel’s southern border with Gaza seemed too good to be true. And now, with a warning from the terrorists who rule the Strip, that seems to be the case. The Jerusalem Post’s Anna Ahronheim reports that Hamas launched rockets over the sea as a threat to its Israeli neighbors:

Hamas fired a barrage of several missiles towards the Mediterranean Sea on Monday morning, in a warning to Israel that the calm along the border with the Gaza Strip wouldn’t last.

The rocket fire came hours after the Israeli Air Force struck Hamas observation posts in northern Gaza near Beit Hanoun, in response to the launching of incendiary balloons into southern Israel over the course of the day.

Dozens of incendiary and explosive balloons have been launched into southern Israel in recent days from the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave. Israel Police have also been called to defuse explosive devices attached to balloon clusters, including in the city of Arad, close to 80 km. away.

Several fires were reported and explosions heard in southern Israel on Monday, believed to be the result of explosive and incendiary balloons launched from the blockaded coastal enclave…

“During the day, explosive balloons were launched from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory,” the IDF said in a statement at the time. “In response, a short while ago, an IDF fighter jet and an IDF aircraft struck an infrastructure used for underground activities of the Hamas terror organization in the Northern Gaza Strip.”

The firing of the missiles on Monday by Hamas came as tensions continue to rise along the southern border…

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