Ukraine Matzah Factory Survives Airstrike

Stand for Israel  |  April 3, 2023

Matzah factory in Ukraine
(Photo: IFCJ)

As Passover begins this week, Jewish people around the world have been preparing for this holy season, even as The Fellowship works to provide for all who are in need. And as many work to make matzah, the unleavened bread eaten during this biblical festival, in order to remember the haste with which the Israelites left Egypt as the Bible commands, one matzah factory in Ukraine faced the effects of the ongoing war there. The Times of Israel’s Lazar Berman tells us about how a factory in the war-torn nation survived a recent Russian airstrike:

When Jews around the world tell the Exodus story during the Passover Seder on Wednesday night, they will recall God taking them out of Egypt “with blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.”

With the war still raging in their country, those same features – but from a very different source – marked Ukrainian Jews’ preparations for Passover.

Last Wednesday night, workers were preparing matzah in the Tiferet Matzot bakery in southern Dnipro, Ukraine’s main matzah factory.

Sirens in the central Ukrainian city sounded at 10 p.m., warning of another attack by Russian drones.

Though many of the Russian- and Iranian-made drones were intercepted, one slipped by the defenses and struck a factory next to the bakery…

Praise God that no one was injured, and let us pray for His peace and protection over all as the Passover season begins.

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