Three Minutes Lost to the Holocaust

Stand for Israel  |  June 2, 2022

When those of us who stand for Israel say “Never Forget,” we vow to not let go of the memory of the Holocaust – or of the millions of lives snuffed out during that dark chapter in history. So, this film trailer and the story it tells – and the memories it remembers – is very interesting, as much so as it is heartbreaking.

Three Minutes – A Lengthening tells the story of three minutes in the lives of the town of Nasielsk, Poland. In 1938, a Jewish-American couple visiting took three minutes of footage of the town’s Jewish community. Just one year later, many of these lives were snuffed out as the Nazis invaded Poland and deported the country’s Jews to death camps.

These three minutes are of faces, of people, of lives that have been lost for more than 80 years. But these three minutes are also one more way we can stand for the Jewish people by saying “Never Forget. Never Again.”

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