Three Killed, Three Wounded in Holy Land Terror Attack

Stand for Israel  |  November 15, 2022

IDF soldiers at scene of terrorist attack, November 15, 2002
(Photo: Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90)

Terror once again tore at the Holy Land today, as a terrorist unleashed an attack in the West Bank, killing three and wounding three others. The Times of Israel’s Emanuel Fabian reports on the attack and how IDF soldiers helped end it:

According to the Israel Defense Forces, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed a security guard near the entrance to the Ariel Industrial Park. The terrorist then stabbed three people at and adjacent to a nearby gas station, before he fled in an apparently stolen vehicle.

Shortly afterward, the terrorist crashed the vehicle into other cars on the Route 5 highway, before getting out and stabbing another person, according to medics. He then stole another vehicle and drove it against traffic, crashing into more cars, before he got out and was shot dead by soldiers and armed civilians…

One of the off-duty soldiers who killed the terrorist was heading to a memorial for a man killed in a terror attack last month, the military said…

“This morning while I was driving on Route 5 I noticed an unusual incident on the road. When I realized it was a terror attack, I got out of the car, identified the terrorist, and opened fire at him,” the soldier, Pvt. “Yud” said in a video statement published by the IDF.

Another on-duty Golani Brigade soldier and armed civilians also opened fire at the terrorist, killing him

Our friends at The Times of Israel also remember two of the victims who lost their lives, two Israeli fathers:

One was Michael Ladygin, 36, a resident of the central coastal city of Bat Yam, who was stabbed by the killer.

He left behind a wife and two kids, according to Bat Yam Mayor Tzvika Brot, who added that Ladygin had moved to Israel five years ago.

A second was 50-year-old Tamir Avihai, a resident of the settlement of Kiryat Netafim and a father of six, who was killed when the terrorist rammed his car into him, following the stabbing spree…

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