Three Killed in Terror Attack in Israel

Stand for Israel  |  May 5, 2022

Scene of terror attack in Elad, Israel, May 5, 2022

Even as the people of Israel celebrated 74 years of independence, terror reared its head in the Holy Land. The Times of Israel’s Emanuel Fabian reports on a horrific terror attack in the city of Elad, in which at least three have been killed, with more wounded:

Three people were killed and several others seriously hurt in a suspected terror attack in the central city of Elad on Thursday, medics said.

At least one of the wounded was in critical condition, and up to seven were hurt in the incident…

One of the attackers used a firearm and the other had an axe or a large knife, witnesses said. MDA said the injuries did not appear to be from gunfire.

Police said officers launched a manhunt for the alleged attackers, closing off roads in the area…

Please keep the injured and the loved ones of those in your prayers, as well as all of Israel. Stand for Israel will keep you updated on this developing story.