Their Mental Health Tested by Hamas, Israeli Teens Turn to Volunteering

Stand for Israel  |  October 18, 2023

Gaza rockets, terror
(Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90)

We continue to learn the extent of the psychological harm done to so many young people in Israel trying to cope with their new reality after the Hamas attack. And we are inspired to learn some teens are turning to service to feel more connected to their communities.

The Times of Israel tells us more:

As a child, Nevo had nightmares that terrorists would invade his town and he would need to be the hero. “But this time, I couldn’t be the hero. I was sitting in silence.”

Days after the beginning of this war, Nevo continues to struggle mentally. Activities Nevo used to enjoy like scrolling on Instagram have turned somber as his social media feeds fill with horrifying images of violence and tragic reports of the dead and missing. Doing his homework is also a struggle as he cannot stop thinking about the recent tragedies.

Schools, meanwhile, were closed after the attacks and were only to open gradually this week online.

In an effort to cope, Nevo is helping those in his community. He cooks meals for families in need and plays with neighborhood children to help them stay distracted.