The Young Israeli Men Cut Down by Terror

Stand for Israel  |  March 20, 2023

IDF soldiers on scene of terror shooting in Israel, March 2023
(Photo: Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90)

This weekend, terror again struck the Holy Land, this time targeting a young Israeli man who also served as a United States Marine. The Jerusalem Post’s Tzvi Joffre tells us about David Stern, a young man who was trying to bring education and peace to his community the Holy Land:

“He’s like Iron Man,” says one friend of David Stern, the resident of Itamar seriously injured in the shooting attack in Huwara on Sunday, who is known in the Samaria region and beyond as a faithful educator and an active member of the community in the region.

David and his wife, Rachel, were on their way to a class by Machon Shilo in Jerusalem on Sunday when they were attacked by a Palestinian terrorist in Huwara, who shot dozens of bullets toward their vehicle.

On Monday, David regained consciousness at Rabin Medical Center after falling unconscious and being intubated after the attack…

David made aliyah to Israel with Rachel from Far Rockaway in 2005. Before making aliyah, David served in the US Marines and trained in ninjutsu in Japan for several years.

Roei Mahluf, a friend of the Sterns who works for the secretariat of Itamar, described David as “Iron Man,” pointing to the many activities David does for the community…

“All his students really love him,” said Mahluf to The Jerusalem Post. “His class is always full to the brim. He knows how to give the students the tools they need. The people who come to his martial arts class actually become less violent. He doesn’t just teach fighting, he’s really an educator…”

Let us join in prayer for David’s full recovery. And let us also pray for the loved ones of Or Eshkar, a young man wounded in the recent terror attack in Tel Aviv, who sadly has succumbed to his wounds:

The victim of the Tel Aviv Dizengoff terror attack, carried out earlier this month, has died of his wounds, Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital reported on Monday afternoon.

“We hoped and prayed. But, unfortunately, Or Eshkar, who was injured in the terror attack in Tel Aviv, succumbed to his wounds,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a statement. “It’s heartbreaking. I extend my condolences to his family and friends. May his memory be a blessing.”

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog wrote on Twitter: “My heart is torn by the death of Or Eshkar, who was fatally wounded in the terror attack at Dizengoff. A few days ago, I spoke with this brave mother and together with all of the people of Israel I prayed for his recovery. I send condolences to his family, his partner and his loved ones during this difficult time. May his memory be a blessing.”

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