Families Who Took in Jewish Kids

Stand for Israel  |  May 2, 2022

Jewish refugee children arriving in London to stay with families during Holocaust, 1939

Each week, we take a look at those Gentiles who acted heroically during the Holocaust – doing whatever they could to save the lives of their Jewish brothers and sisters. Sadly, much of the world did little as the Nazis tried to wipe out God’s people. But, as The Times of Israel’s Robert Philpot tells us, testimonies are still being given of families that sheltered young Jewish refugees who had nowhere else to go:

Ann Chadwick’s father remembered hearing Suzanne Spitzer quietly sobbing in her bedroom, crying “Mutter, mutter” (“Mother, mother”).

The five-year-old had just arrived at the Chadwick family’s Cambridge home on the Kindertransport from Czechoslovakia — one of the 10,000 Jewish refugee children who escaped the Nazis and were taken in by Britain on the eve of World War II.

Suzie, who never saw her parents again after they put her on the train at Prague’s main railway station, spoke no English. The Chadwicks — two-year-old Ann and her parents, Winifred and Aubrey — spoke no German. Ann, however, soon picked up some German. “I can remember Suzie saying, ‘Ich weiß nicht’ — I don’t understand’ — so I sort of grew up with that sound in my ears,” she told The Times of Israel…

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