Terror on Bus near Western Wall

Stand for Israel  |  August 15, 2022

Shattered window of a bus struck by gun fire.
(Photo: Israel Police)

After recent rocket attacks subsided, Israel settled into relative calm. But terror once again gripped the Holy Land this weekend, when a terrorist attacked a bus near the holiest site in the Holy City of Jerusalem. The Times of Israel’s Emanuel Fabian and Michael Bachner report on a terror attack near the Western Wall that left seven injured, two of them seriously, including a pregnant bystander:

According to authorities, shots were fired at a bus on a street near the Western Wall, and also at a nearby parking lot near King David’s Tomb, outside the Old City’s Zion Gate.

Those wounded in the attack included a 35-year-old pregnant woman who was shot while sitting in a nearby car, Hebrew media reported. Her abdominal injury was described by doctors as “complex” and her life was said to be in danger. Shaare Zedek hospital said she had undergone an emergency delivery and that the newborn was in serious but stable condition…

“The bus was full, jam-packed. I stopped at a bus stop at King David’s Tomb and then I heard gunfire, people started yelling, people were hurt inside the bus,” the bus driver, Daniel Kanievsky, said.

The driver said he had wanted to drive away but couldn’t because passengers were helping a wheelchair-bound woman board the bus, with the lowered ramp blocking the door from closing…

“It was a very difficult scene, the blood-soaked tzitzit and abandoned baby stroller will remain in my memory for many years,” said Moshe Levy from the United Hatzalah emergency organization, referring to knotted ritual fringes worn by observant Jews…