Two Killed in Tel Aviv Terror Attack

Stand for Israel  |  April 7, 2022

Scene of terror shooting in Tel Aviv, April 7, 2022
(Photo: United Hatzalah)

The string of recent terror attacks in the Holy Land continued today, reaching the busy streets of Tel Aviv and leaving two dead and multiple Israelis injured. Haaretz’s Ran Shimoni reports on the shooting attack and the ensuing manhunt for the terrorists responsible:

Two people were killed on Thursday after a gunman opened fire in central Tel Aviv, in the latest in a string of deadly terror attacks across Israel.

At least eight others were wounded.

The shooting took place along several spots along Dizengoff Street, one of Tel Aviv’s busiest streets. 

Israeli police and the Tel Aviv municipality called on residents to remain in their homes and stay away from their windows as the remaining suspects are being hunted down…

Please join us in prayer for those who were injured, for God’s comforting hand over those who lost loved ones, and for the protection of all those in the Holy Land facing this recent wave of terror.