Soldiers Save Holocaust Survivor From Near Death, for Second Time in His Life

Stand for Israel  |  October 16, 2023

(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

In an effort to rescue trapped civilians, the IDF saved a Holocaust survivor and spent some time with him, which was one small moment of hope amid the darkness, reports the Jerusalem Post:

In a scene reminiscent of historical traumas, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor confronted Major Ro’i and his soldiers from the Kfir Brigade upon their unexpected entry into his home last Saturday in one of the Kibbutzim near the Gaza border. This man was in hiding, in his safe room, since hundreds of Hamas terrorists had taken over his Kibbutz, many killed in cold blood. Holding onto his gun with trembling hands, the man’s initial panic was palpable.

However, once he recognized the familiar emblem of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on their uniforms, relief washed over him. “The moment mirrored my feelings during my liberation from the Holocaust,” he confessed to Ro’i, who wasn’t able to trace the name of this elderly man. 

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