Rockets Fired at Jerusalem

Stand for Israel  |  May 12, 2023

Iron Dome intercepts rockets fired toward Israel at night, May 2023
(Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

This week, the people of Israel have lived in fear of the constant rocket fire (more than 800 as of Friday morning) being launched at them from terrorists in Gaza. But now, the threat has changed, The Times of Israel’s Emanuel Fabian reports, as rockets have now been fired into central Israel and the Holy City of Jerusalem:

Gazan terrorists fired dozens of rockets at Israel late Friday morning, breaking several hours of calm and likely setting back efforts to end the fighting after several days.

Rocket fire was directed at areas near the Strip, and a short time later long-range projectiles were launched toward areas south of Jerusalem, setting off sirens in the Etzion settlement bloc and Beit Shemesh for the first time since violence erupted.

According to a military source, two rockets fired from Gaza toward Jerusalem were intercepted, one by the Iron Dome, and the second by David’s Sling. It marked the second-ever David’s Sling interception, after a rocket fired at Tel Aviv on Wednesday was downed by the system.

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