Netanyahu Now Israel’s Longest-Serving Prime Minister

The Fellowship  |  November 23, 2016

Israel Sets Early Elections for 2019

Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu became the country’s longest continuously serving Prime Minister. Having served 2,793 consecutive days, Netanyahu surpassed Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion’s record. Ben-Gurion, however, still remains the longest-service Prime Minister across his two separate terms.

Also this week in Israel in the News:

  • Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that a controversial settlement in the West Bank must be torn down by December 25. Jewish settlers living in the Amona settlement have called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to help stop the destruction.
  • The Israel Defense Forces recently named its first Ethiopian-born colonel. Dr. Avraham Yitzhak is a combat doctor and has served in the IDF for nearly two decades.
  • The Israeli navy recently destroyed a Gaza-bound boat that was smuggling weapons into the Gaza Strip. The vessel, which was disguised as a fishing boat, was destroyed after its Palestinian crew abandoned ship and swam safely to shore.
  • The U.S. Homeland Security has put out a high alert that ISIS is targeting Thanksgiving Day celebrations. An ISIS propaganda magazine called on its followers to use trucks as weapons, mirroring the mass casualty attack in Nice, France, last summer.
  • Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations has alerted the UN Security Council that Iran is using commercial airlines to smuggle weapons to the terror group Hezbollah, a violation of international law.
  • Fellowship-sponsored Hesed centers are providing Jews living in poverty in the former Soviet Union with social services and lifesaving food and medical care — and a reason to be thankful.

This week’s Israel in the News Perspective features The Fellowship‘s founder and President Yechiel Eckstein on cultivating an attitude of thankfulness.

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