Jewish Mother Stabbed in East Jerusalem Terror Attack

Stand for Israel  |  December 8, 2021

Terror once again struck the Holy Land today, with the mother of five young children being stabbed – simply for being Jewish. The Times of Israel reports on the stabbing, as well as the hunt for the young girl who carried out the cowardly terrorist attack:

An Israeli woman who was walking with her five young children, including one in a stroller, was stabbed in the back and lightly wounded at the entrance to the flashpoint Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem in a suspected terror attack on Wednesday morning, police said.

Police officers arrested a teenage Palestinian girl suspected of carrying out the attack a short time later at her neighborhood school. Her father and mother were also detained for interrogation, as well as another student, a teacher, and the school’s principal.

Police said the suspect was a 14-year-old girl who lives in Sheikh Jarrah. She is a member of a well-known local family, whose home, like many in Sheikh Jarrah, is embroiled in a court battle with Jewish groups who have contested the property’s ownership.

The Jewish Israeli victim, Moriah Cohen, 26, is also a resident of the neighborhood.

“It seems like it was our neighbor, one of the Arabs who lives right next to us. She followed her. They know us, they live right across from us. My wife was walking with all five of our kids because I was in reserve duty, so I couldn’t help take the kids. She walked up to her at the junction… and stabbed her,” Cohen’s husband, Dvir, told reporters outside the hospital where she was being treated…

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