IDF Soldier Killed in Hamas Attack

Stand for Israel  |  May 12, 2021

Soldier-carrying IDF jeep
Soldier-carrying IDF jeep

An Israeli soldier died after an attack in southern Israel. The Jerusalem Post reports that the IDF soldier died, and three others were severely injured, when terrorists struck their jeep with an anti-tank missile:

Shortly before the attack, the IDF warned residents of the Gaza envelope to remain at home out of concern that Hamas might fire short-range mortars, ATGM’s or sniper attacks against civilians in the area.

A Kornet anti-tank guided missile (ATGMs) was fired towards a jeep shortly after the warning was lifted, killing the soldier and severely wounding the others inside including an officer. The terror group then fired mortars in an attempt to prevent the wounded from being evacuated.

The military was able to remove the wounded from the scene and transport them to hospital for medical treatment…

Please pray for the full recovery of those injured, as well as for the soldier whose life was taken.