Remembering Operation Protective Edge

Stand for Israel  |  July 12, 2022

IDF Nahal Brigade circa Operation Protective Edge, 2014
(Photo: flickr/idfonline)

Eight years ago, Israel was plunged into a summer-long war against her terrorist enemies, a conflict known as Operation Protective Edge. The conflict began when Hamas operatives kidnapped and murdered three Jewish teenagers. When terrorists in Gaza launched rockets into Israel, the IDF had to respond.

As always The Fellowship’s faithful donors helped protect and provide for the people of Israel in their time of need. This thank you from a kibbutz (agricultural community) near the Gaza border came after lifesaving aid continued to arrive even as terrorist rockets threatened its residents:

As you know, last summer thousands of rockets were fired at Israel’s southern communities during Operation Protective Edge. Throughout the Operation, we faced enormous challenges in an effort to maintain as normal a life as possible. Among other things, we tried to keep the kibbutz members calm by providing regular reports about our activities in the field, by using the bomb shelters as summer camps for children, and by maintaining the security of all the residents.

Thanks to The Fellowship, we received emergency kits of special equipment that greatly contributed to the safety and activities of the emergency team. The emergency kits included flak jackets, radios, flashlights, helmets, etc. We distributed the equipment among the staff and it served us well in the reality in which we live. The emergency kits will continue to serve us well in the future…

And Yael visited just one of countless Israeli elderly who found help from The Fellowship even as war raged. Watch Yael’s visit here.

And this week, our friends at JNS report, the people of Israel remember the lives lost during Operation Protective Edge, just one of many conflicts with the Jewish state’s surrounding enemies, and just one more example of God’s hand of protection over His people, Israel:

Israel has adopted a “zero tolerance” policy regarding terrorism emanating from the Gaza Stip and will respond immediately to any such hostile activity, Prime Minister Yair Lapid said Sunday night.

He was speaking at a state memorial ceremony at Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl military cemetery commemorating the 70 people killed in Israel during “Operation Protective Edge,” the name of the Israel Defense Forces mission during the 50-day war against Hamas in 2014.

“Don’t test us,” Lapid said, according to a statement from his office. “In the war against Hamas, a brutal and murderous terrorist organization, we are not only right but we are also strong. The best army in the Middle East and the most advanced technology, alongside our economic and diplomatic prowess, these guarantee our security…”

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