IDF Field Hospital Treats Hundreds of Earthquake Victims

Stand for Israel  |  February 13, 2023

IDF help earthquake victims in Turkey in February 2023
(Photo: IDF)

Last week, we asked for your prayers for the many people in Turkey and in Syria whose lives were altered by the devastating earthquake, as well as for the contingent of IDF soldiers carrying out Operation Olive Branch. Now, our friends at The Algemeiner tell us about the on-the-ground help being provided to Turkish victims at an IDF field hospital:

More than 300 people have been treated in a field hospital set up by Israel in Turkey, the deputy chief of Israel’s mission in Turkey wrote on Sunday.

The hospital, which has been fully operational since Friday morning, provides a range of care, from intensive care and pediatrics to general surgery and orthopedics. It was set up by the Israel Defense Forces in Kahramanmaraş, the epicenter of one of two massive earthquakes that devastated southern Turkey and neighboring Syria on Monday.

The deputy chief of mission, Nadav Markman, recounted the story of one patient, a 4-year-old boy who was rescued by Israeli teams several days after the earthquakes. “He arrived in a very cold state with low temperature at the emergency department,” wrote Markman. “He was treated by our emergency and intensive care team and transferred to the intensive care unit for further treatment with some improvement in his condition.”

IDF search and rescue teams — totalling more than 150 personnel — arrived in Turkey shortly after the earthquakes and managed to extract 19 living people from disaster sites…

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